Director and Curator, Meta.Morf – Biennale for art & technology, 2010 – present

Meta.Morf – Biennale for art & technology – Trondheim.

After arranging the annual festival for art and technology – Trondheim Matchmaking – for eight years between 2002 and 2009, we started in 2007 to discuss changing the festival to a biannual event to try to ensure increased curatorial research between the events, hopefully assuring a quality enhanced project.

To help develop the biennale idea we put together a reference board in 2007 that consisted of:

Alex Adriaansens, Director, V2_ og DEAF, Rotterdam
Clive Kellner, Director, Johannesburg Art Gallery, South Africa
Jemima Rellie, Vice president, Comms & public prog., Getty Conservation Institute, L.A.
Jeremy Welsh, Professor, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
Zhang Ga, Curator, Media Art China, The Chinese International Art Museum, Beijing

Alex Adriaansens has since worked as both consultant and curator for Meta.Morf.

After the first biennale in 2010, the Trondheim Municipality decided that Meta.Morf should be the city’s official art biennale.


Artistic and scientific research are continuously challenging and changing our perspectives on life, often implying new philosophical and existential questions.

Biotechnology, nanotechnology, neuroscience and new communications and computer technologies represent fields that expands the boundaries of artistic practices, practises that in turn may reveal unexplored viewpoints for scientifically based research.

The artist as a conveyor and interpreter of new knowledge and research plays a crucial role for society’s ability to maintain an adequate discourse regarding the use of new technologies and scientific advancements.

Meta.Morf aim to present artists, musicians, writers and researchers for a broader audience with projects and performances that in various ways helps extending our perspectives on life, and beyond.

Espen Gangvik, 2010

1 metamorfose (gr. metamorfosis, av meta, etter, og morfe, skikkelse), forvandling. — 1. I myt. forvandling av mennesker til dyr, trær e.l., bl.a. behandlet av den rom. dikteren Ovid i Metamorphoses. — 2. Zool., fullstendig forvandling hos dyr, f.eks. fra åme til sommerfugl el. fra rumpetroll til padde. — 3. Geol., → metamorfe bergarter; omdanning, krystallisering, av opprinnelige bergarter gjennom høy temperatur og ekstremt trykk.