Meta.Morf 2016 – Nice to be in Orbit!

New technologies and scientific insights increasingly contribute to placing questions concerning man’s origin and destiny on the immediate agenda. It can be argued that we, as the planet’s probably most innovative species, are now agents for an evolutionary process which in its consequence lead towards the possible creation of new forms of intelligent entities and a new universal consciousness.

The assembly of our new shared memory bank, the digital cloud, and the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and life that we witness, are processes that combined have the potential of laying ground for the creation of Worlds. Man’s journey through the ages contains one constant, innovation, and on our path towards the future we are constantly changing our perception of our world and ourselves.

If we have arrived here today, in time and space, as a consequence of life having arisen by chance, as a beautiful accident, then is this still an accident happening, only now with us as its designers? In our apparent urge to reinvent ourselves, the trajectory itself seems just as interesting.

The fifth Trondheim biennale, Meta.Morf 2018 – A Beautiful Accident – has the ambition to present for a broader audience art projects, conferences and concerts from international artists, musicians, writers and researchers with an interest in Speculative Design and Futures.

Are we prepared for being thrown out of Tellus’s cockpit as a product of our innovative nature? Placed in economy class, sipping on Piña Coladas, listening to the Beach Boys while blissfully sailing into the ultimate sunset?

Espen Gangvik, 2016

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2016 participations:
Rachel Armstrong, Biosphere, Myriam Bleau, Agnes Meyer Brandis, Øyvind Brandtsegg, Pamela Breda, Lowry Burgess, Cath Le Couteur, Krists Ernstsons, Bernhard Foing, Alicia Framis, Andy Gracie, Haines & Hinterding, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Iris Van Herpen, Rolf Hughes, Barbara Imhof, Herman Kolgen, Johannes Langkamp, Bas Lansdorp, Golan Levin, Klara Lewis, Lasse Marhaug, Miwa Matreyek, Lucy McRae, Martin Messier, Kim Myhr, Verner Panton, Sarah Jane Pell, Nick Ryan, Tomás Saraceno, Luna Skrabs, Kristin Sæterdal, Jo Thomas, VTOL,  Douglas Trumbull, Jeremy Welsh