Meta.Morf 2016 – Nice to be in Orbit!

New technologies and scientific insights increasingly contribute to placing questions concerning man’s origin and destiny on the immediate agenda. It can be argued that we, as the planet’s probably most innovative species, are now agents for an evolutionary process which in its consequence lead towards the possible creation of new forms of intelligent entities and a new universal consciousness. The assembly of our new shared memory bank, the digital cloud, and the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and life thatRead more

Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition

The perpetual processes of change that can be observed within all levels of the Universe, from micro to macro scale, from stardust to animate entities, are constantly generating new patterns, structures and forms, shaping all aspects of life. Transformative processes carries aesthetic qualities not only of great intrinsic value, but qualities that as well can be suggested playing an essential part of the way all things develop. Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition – aims to illuminate transformation and aestheticsRead more

Meta.Morf 2012 – A Matter of Feeling!

Art, design and architecture have become a question of relational design, which again concerns our cities, the environment, politics, consumer behaviour, social relations, even life itself. Life is impure, revealing itself as an open and complex system with porous boundaries, bringing forth an endless social and biological diversity. Every relational system operates on affect, or as we often call it, feelings. Human and nonhuman actions and interactions are expressions of these networked relations. Meta.Morf 2012 presents art and design projectsRead more

Meta.Morf 2010 – New.Brave.World!

Almost nothing on this planet has been left untouched by humankind and its actions. Sometimes as a side effect, but often as a conscious interference from trying to sculpt the world according to our dreams and fears. Mastering and designing all aspects of life is closely related to the development of science and technology. New technologies have become tools for trying to change nature from its unpredictable and uncontrollable state, into the opposite, a predictable and controllable planet of ‘perfection’.Read more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2009

ART THAT CARES – MUSIC THAT BENDS Trondheim Matchmaking 2009 is proud to announce the opening of the very first Nordic Electroboutique! In relation to this very last Trondheim Matchmaking, Electroboutique launches its new conceptual store: Art that Cares. The 150 sq. meters concept store named “Art that Cares” will be opened on October 16 in Fjordgt. 11, Trondheim, Norway. Electroboutique’s first concept store in the Nordic countries will offer unique art works developed by our highly competent contemporary artists, designersRead more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2008

HYBRIDS From medieval mythologies we are familiar with hybrid creatures like the Centaur and the Griffon. The creation of these fantasy beings denies in itself the very existence of species as we define the term today. The tendency to try to abolish the species and our body´s limitations seems to be a recurring theme with mankind. This years conference highlights amongst others how knowledge from new research and insight radically can happen to change human biology and self understanding, andRead more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2007

NATURE [of Man] Nature can be defined as the physical world containing all natural phenomenas and living things, including the forces and mechanisms that collectively controls and run these processes independently of human volition or intervention. Mankind has tried to master and refine these mechanisms from its very beginning. “NATURE [of man]” presents artists and researchers with projects that takes a deeper look into man´s relation to nature, and the consequences and possibilities that lies therein. Click for full documentation: TrondheimRead more