‘Transformer’, omtale, kunsthistoriker Anja Johansen, Billedkunst, 2008

Transformer Espen Gangvik Objekter fra en endret tilværelse Trondheim Kunstmuseum Kunsthistoriker Anja Johansen, Publisert: 24.01.2008 Utgave: 1/2008 Billedkunst Gangviks algoritmiske og industrielle figurer transformerer andre etasje av Trondheim Kunstmuseum til en geometrisk verden av pulserende liv. Det er syv år siden Espen Gangvik sist presenterte en separatutstilling. I mellomtiden har han vært med på å opprette TEKS, Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstnersenter, og har siden den gang vært en engasjert aktør i formidlingen av ny teknologisk kunst. Utstillingen i Trondheim Kunstmuseum gir etRead more

‘AMBIGUOUS GEOMETRY’ catalogue text by Prof. Øivind Storm Bjerke.

A reflection on ‘A LONG FORGOTTEN FUTURE‘, one of Espen Gangvik’s rare solo exhibitions, 2000. Professor Øivind Storm Bjerke, University of Oslo. The art of Espen Gangvik takes an intermediate position between reality and virtuality. His sculptures – usually made in metal or other materials that gives a feeling of solidity – are based on the manipulation of space with geometry and mathematics as the basic tools. He makes the shapes of his sculptures with the help of digital techniques.Read more

‘CREATIVE ORDER’ catalogue text by prof. Øivind Storm Bjerke.

CREATIVE ORDER. Article based on Espen Gangvik’s solo exhibition ‘OBJECTS FROM AN ALTERED EXCISTENCE’, at Trondheim Art Museum, 2007. Professor Øivind Storm Bjerke, professor, University of Oslo. Espen Gangvik emerged on the art scene in the mid-1980s with a youthful freshness, and immediately attracted attention, which led to public commissions and purchases. Rapid shifts in trends and changes in art institutions and other venues have not made Gangvik modify his direction. He has followed his own path in what may be regardedRead more

‘PARADOX AND PARALOGY’ catalogue text by art historian Synnøve Engevik.

PARADOX AND PARALOGY. Espen Gangvik’s concrete and metaphysical art. Article based on Espen Gangvik’s solo exhibition ‘OBJECTS FROM AN ALTERED EXCISTENCE’, at Trondheim Art Museum, 2007, by Synnøve Engevik, art historian, Trondheim Art Museum. Espen Gangvik’s sculptures exist somewhere in between an intuitive design and a mathematical and philosophical reflection. The formal language is constructive and geometrical, and is an exploration of the concrete object and the relation between object, viewer, time and space. A line is broken, and creates aRead more