Meta.Morf 2016 – Nice to be in Orbit!

New technologies and scientific insights increasingly contribute to placing questions concerning man’s origin and destiny on the immediate agenda. It can be argued that we, as the planet’s probably most innovative species, are now agents for an evolutionary process which in its consequence lead towards the possible creation of new forms of intelligent entities and a new universal consciousness. The assembly of our new shared memory bank, the digital cloud, and the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and life thatRead more

Director and Curator, Meta.Morf – Biennale for art & technology, 2010 – present

Meta.Morf – Biennale for art & technology – Trondheim. After arranging the annual festival for art and technology – Trondheim Matchmaking – for eight years between 2002 and 2009, we started in 2007 to discuss changing the festival to a biannual event to try to ensure increased curatorial research between the events, hopefully assuring a quality enhanced project. To help develop the biennale idea we put together a reference board in 2007 that consisted of: Alex Adriaansens, Director, V2_ og DEAF, Rotterdam CliveRead more

Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition

The perpetual processes of change that can be observed within all levels of the Universe, from micro to macro scale, from stardust to animate entities, are constantly generating new patterns, structures and forms, shaping all aspects of life. Transformative processes carries aesthetic qualities not only of great intrinsic value, but qualities that as well can be suggested playing an essential part of the way all things develop. Meta.Morf 2014 – Lost in Transition – aims to illuminate transformation and aestheticsRead more

Meta.Morf 2012 – A Matter of Feeling!

Art, design and architecture have become a question of relational design, which again concerns our cities, the environment, politics, consumer behaviour, social relations, even life itself. Life is impure, revealing itself as an open and complex system with porous boundaries, bringing forth an endless social and biological diversity. Every relational system operates on affect, or as we often call it, feelings. Human and nonhuman actions and interactions are expressions of these networked relations. Meta.Morf 2012 presents art and design projectsRead more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2006

MACHINE A machine can be defined as a mechanical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of tasks. The subject of the festival relates to the possibilities and limitations that lies within the many technologies that we to an extending degree are surrounding ourselves with. For 2006 we are proudly presenting quite a few of the pioneers and leading artists within the field of art and technology. Click for full documentation: Trondheim Matchmaking 2006 PRESENTERS,Read more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2005

5002 In 2005 it´s one hundred years since Norway became an independent nation and 30 years into a communication revolution, and we are reflecting on just what it means to be a citizen in these times. We are free to use open source software, free to communicate with people and easily access information across the planet. But new technologies offer abilities to track and surveil, which may radically change, or extinguish, basic privacies. In terms of the world around us,Read more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2003

THE CONTINUATION In 2002 Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre ran a series of seminars and workshops titled Trondheim Matchmaking. Because of the huge interest the project created, we are arranging TMM as a mini festival this year! The idea is to create and maintain a meeting place in Trondheim for competence and resources within electronic arts and new technology, both domestic and international. The concept recides on presenting innovative ideas and projects. Projects in progress, projects that needs spesific technology, technologyRead more

Trondheim Matchmaking / 2002

The very first TRONDHEIM MATCHMAKING was organized as part of the founding process of TEKS – TRONDHEIM ELECTRONIC ARTS CENTRE. Trondheim Matchmaking’s very first statement: Trondheim Matchmaking is an annual international festival in Trondheim, Norway, for art and technology arranged by Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, TEKS. The festival is a meeting point for presenting innovative ideas and artistic projects, a place to share knowledge, make contacts and learn new skills and develop resources within new technology and electronic arts. New artRead more